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Learn more about what’s involved in partnering with Jang Gun, providing more authentic Korean Food to the Heart of Melbourne.

Partnerships Jang Gun

Become a Business Partner today!

With currently 2 Restaurants in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Jang Gun, currently one of the most well-known Korean Restaurants in Melbourne. Our food is tasty, our service tastes like home and the customers are our family. It's how why our restaurant is what it is today. 

Become a Jang Gun Business Partner today!

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Why should you Partner with Jang Gun?

Your Own Business

You acquire the name Jang Gun. We provide you with the necessary support.

Diverse Community

We love the diversification of cultures and background to join Jang Gun.

Growth and Experience

The personal growth and the business knowledge we will provide to you is invaluable.

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