Sweet Soy based Beef Bulgogi Stew with Veggies and Glass Noodle

Beef Bulgogi Stew

  • Our Bulgogi Sweet and savory Korean beef stew.


    With the Bulgogi Stew you will receive 3 containers.

    - Seasoned Stock

    - Marinated Beef and Vegetables

    - Garnish(Enoki, Green Onion & Noodle)



    1. Boil the stock with marinated beef and vegetables.

    2. Once the stock starts boiling set a timer for 3minutes. Make sure you stir whilst it's boiling.

    3. After 3minutes, put the Japchae Noodles and leave it in for another 30 Seconds.

    4. Garnish with the Mushroom and Green Onions!


    Enjoy :)